“Julian Hard Cider makes fresh-pressed hard apple cider with REAL fruit and NOT apple juice concentrate like the 98% of the mass-produced "hard ciders" you find at the store.  Most factory-produced, “six-pack” ciders are made by reconstituting apple juice concentrate and adding sugar, water, acid, and something called, “natural apple essence.

Would you drink wine made from grape juice concentrate?  It would be like someone selling you a beer when it's actually a malt beverage.


Our ciders are fermented from 100% fresh-pressed apple juice, with no added sugars, straight from the orchard to the glass for a crisp, dry finish. 

It’s Craft…not chemistry.”

 Paul Thomas, JHC Founder/President

Ken Knott


“After 5+ years, my favorite part of this job is still showing up at a weekend beer festival and pouring someone his or her first taste of one of our ciders.  Seeing their face light up and their smile go wide…it’s priceless.  Usually the first taste is followed by a second and a third, and so on.  Even when they only have a card for 10 tastings, at events with some of the finest beers on the planet, folks are coming back again and again.  One taste and they’re hooked.”

Keith and Priscilla Webb


The Webbs thought they were retiring in 2006 when they sold their San Diego Park and Ride business at the airport, but that changed after meeting Paul Thomas at the Julian American Legion.

"We were watching the Chargers game and Priscilla was yelling about how they weren't blocking and Paul started laughing from across the room and came by to meet her as he thought she was so entertaining and full of life. After getting to know each other over time and learning about his concept of starting a hard cider business we decided to join him and come out of retirement".

The Webbs are also sole owners of Apple Lane Orchard and are very active in the Julian community.